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The only apron made to keep you and your food clean

Spyce is the only apron made with advanced technical fabric to keep you and your food clean. The spill-proof technology repels water and other liquids to protect your clothes from any accidental messes in the kitchen. With antimicrobial compounds infused into every thread, Spyce helps to prevent foodborne illness compared to normal aprons that harbor dangerous bacteria.

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It starts with a single thread

Inside every fiber are thousands of antimicrobial compounds that give our fabrics long-lasting, self cleaning features. These compounds are permanently embedded into every thread so they last, even after being washed over and over again.
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At 10, I was diagnosed with Leukemia and spent my childhood undergoing treatment.

Crucial in creating this hope was my experience with Make-a-Wish. In 2011, they granted my wish to meet President Obama in the White House and I spent several days spellbound in DC. The people I met encouraged me with hope and pushed me towards recovery.

Now, I want to help other patients find hope and empower their recovery experience.

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