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Air Mask 2.0

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Free shipping to the U.S. and Canada

The Air Mask 2.0 brings you the best protection alongside ultra-breathability.

Featuring our classic design, the Air Mask 2.0 has advanced technologies that make it extremely breathable while still maintaining high filtration. This reusable mask has been independently tested by Intertek and Nelson Labs to show > 90% filtration of 0.1 micron particles without a filter and > 95% filtration with the N95 filter.

But it doesn’t just filter particles, the Air Mask 2.0 kills germs. Combining premier design and self-sterilization technologies, this mask provides unique protection from harmful pathogens in the air with its laboratory tested antimicrobial effects. The Air Mask 2.0 comes with its own self-sterilizing travel pouch so you can store your mask away when it's not in use.

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Don’t just filter germs… destroy them

Most face masks simply filter out germs, letting them live on your mask for up to 3 days and leaving you exposed. The Air Mask 2.0 does more than just filter the air. It kills germs and pathogens.

Here’s how it works:

Antimicrobial compounds like silver oxide and titanium dioxide are permanently embedded into every thread of the fabric using a molecular level infusion. These compounds kill bacteria, inactivate viral particles, break down odors, and continuously sterilize the mask.

Breathe In. Breathe Out.

Rebuilt from the threads up, the Air Mask 2.0 incorporates our most breathable technologies into our most popular mask design. Air is easily filtered through 4 layers of fabric before entering your lungs so you can stay protected through the hardest workouts.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The water repellent outer layer resists penetration from sprays, sneezes & coughs.
  2. Tightly woven fabric blocks out pathogens, dust, spores, allergens & more.
  3. Replaceable Honeywell® N95 Filter (NIOSH-approved) blocks out ultrafine particles like smoke, ash, & chemical aerosols.
  4. The inner layer uses skin-friendly fabrics for even the most sensitive skin types.


Superior Filtration

Tightly woven protective fabric blocks out pathogens and particles

Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE): Filters > 90% of 0.1 μm particles without a filter and >98% with a filter



Breathe easily with our most advanced fabric

Differential Pressure: 4.1 mm H2O

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